Thursday, November 20, 2014

Yes, America, You Have An Emperor!

Photo courtesy of Col. Allen West.
As of November 20, 2014 the United States of America effectively mirrors the nation from which it sprang. King George III didn't have much on Barack Obama I. Tonight the president effectively rendered the U.S. Constitution Null and Void  by legislating amnesty for over 5 million illegal aliens currently living illegally in the United States.

Article 1, Sec.8 of the Constitution unequivocally gives Congress the power to decide naturalization issues.  "To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization, "
Nowhere in the President granted any involvement in passage of legislation, only in the enforcement thereof.

President Obama has cavalierly overstepped the bounds of the Constitution in this case, actually elevating himself unilaterally above the power vested in him by the Constitution, and reducing the congressional role to one of mere observer.

This precedent is dangerous on more levels than could possibly be broached in one article, but on its face a few really are obvious.

Separation of Powers: The Constitution established the Separation of Powers for the very reason on preventing what happened tonight- an out-of-control Branch or Official of government putting himself above the Law of our land. President Obama effectively embraced the role of an outlaw tonight, blamed GOP "lack of action" for his own illegal actions and dared them to do something about it. The Founders has just broken out from under the iron-fisted rule of a vicious tyrant when they designed our system to prevent what happened tonight.

The Rule of Law: Ours is a system governed by law, not by Fiat, arbitrary whims of those in elective office, or the fickle momentary desires of the majority of voters on any given issue. It was designed to give only the designated powers to public officials and all other power was left to the States and the People (10th Amendment U.S Constitution). 
Tonight, President Obama put himself above the rule of our system of law, with no apparent regard for any consequences that may be forthcoming, either to himself, his administration, or for the Constitutional Balance of Power that has been obliterated tonight. No president can get away with such brusque disregard for the rule of law unless he is allowed to by those who have oversight of his office, in this case, the Congress. Perhaps by far the best question here should be, will they?

States Rights, 10th Amendment:  Let's first establish a fact- nowhere does the Constitution mention driver's licenses for obvious reasons; As a result, the issue of who can or cannot have a driver's license rests solely in the hands of the Sovereign States (see 10th Amendment). President Obama tonight said drivers licenses would be granted to the illegal alien to whom he issued amnesty through fiat in most states. That is yet another decision/law that in NOT his to make; that power rests solely with the States. As with the amnesty itself, Obama has made himself above the powers of the States to control their own destiny within the confines of the 10th Amendment.

Encourage and Reward Further Illegal Behavior: One thing that jumped out at me reading an overview of Obama's action tonight is that he is sending more Immigration judges to the border with Mexico for the purpose that, according to the Washington Times " illegal immigrants who are deemed low priority can be released more quickly"!! Read that, " so we can more quickly and easily release into American society those who just broke our laws to come here and who will have next to no accountability to keep them from breaking more laws". This is an unbelievable travesty of American sovereignty, and a reward for illegal behavior, as well as slap in the face to those who waited years to come here legally.

President Obama has exhibited all the hallmarks of a tyrant, a monarch, a dictator, call it what you want, for six years now.
Tonight, he became one.

Now we will see who the GOP majority fears the most- the Democrat/media Washington conglomerate and the Chamber of Commerce who desperately want amnesty to introduce cheaper labor into the work force, or the People who actually have a vote in their next election. 

Hint: if they don't hear from you, they won't fear you. Why should they?

Obama Knows He Will Never Be Impeached And Doesn't Fear It

Millions of Americans make hard decisions every day that have overwhelming impact on their finances and families; that's what is required of loving bread-winners and protectors. Taking dangerous gambles out of necessity is something most normal Americans must do from time to time. It is par for the course to do things that are not fun or comfortable because it is the right thing to do and must be done. That's what normal folks do all the time.

Beltway insiders are not normal people; Many of them don't even know what gas prices currently are, or how much it costs to buy groceries for a week; they don't think in terms of right and wrong, or necessity versus desire; the concept of sacrificing something one badly desires in order to do what one badly needs just doesn't occur to them. One really has to meet one of these creatures to understand just how out of touch they really are with the reality most Americans face head-on week to week.

Understanding this principle makes it a little easier to understand why GOP leaders just cannot ever seem to find any violation of the Constitution, federal law, or traditional American principle by President Obama that really makes them angry or concerns to them the point that they do more than talk about it on Sunday shows. Real action in response might be risky; it might cause the media to say mean things about them, or twist their actions to make it look like they were somehow in the wrong for stopping the blatant assault on American liberty that is the hallmark of the Obama Administration.

 They might be accused of being racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic, nativist, or any other favorite label the Left uses to effectively prevent Republicans from carrying out the mandate from their constituents to preserve whatever liberty we have left.

Most GOP leaders, consultants and strategists have bought hook, line, and sinker the lie from the Left that disagreeing with Obama will cause the people to hate them and vote against them next time. That, of course, is as fallacious a premise as one can possibly imagine. But no matter- for whatever reason they are completely sold on it and live in deadly fear of the consequences to their electoral welfare that Democrats and media have convinced them will happen, all overwhelming historical evidence to the contrary aside. THAT is an article for another day!

Why does Obama know he stands practically zero chance of being impeached? Consider the last six years.
Benghazi, DOMA, Fast and Furious, refusing to prosecute crimes based on the race of the perpetrator, one could go on almost forever with examples. The entire time the GOP has screamed, yelled, and sucked ever harder on their pacifiers, but done absolutely nothing- even in the face of multiple impeachable offenses- to actually put up any walls between the president and the destruction he has wreaked upon American interests at home and abroad.

Why should Obama fear a GOP leadership and Caucus that has shown nothing but cowardice, craven self-interest, and a penchant for enabling his agenda through funding? There are many constitutional avenues available to the GOP for restoring the balance of power that the Executive Branch has stolen, yet they show no interest whatsoever in utilizing those Constitutional tools.

With a few notable exceptions such as Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, Louie Gohmert, Jeff Sessions, Amash, to name a few, the GOP seems entirely uninterested in doing anything more than issue a press release here or there that seem designed more to make their base think they care than to actually stop the wreckage Obama is causing.

In fact, when the occasional Republican stumbles upon his own spine and stands up to this tyrannical regime, the GOP leadership are the first ones to the podium to join the Democrats and media in condemnation of the transgressing child, and to be the first to loudly proclaim future doom for Republican candidates all over the country as a direct result of the destructive actions of the one who tried to do more than play dead. (the fact that the predictions of doom and gloom never come true are entirely beside the point)

Why would Obama fear impeachment with his latest blatant assault on the Constitution and the authority of Congress he has so cavalierly usurped through "executive amnesty"? He knows they believe the lies we have already discussed; He knows they fear the media and dread the Chamber of Commerce far more than they fear their constituents.

Perhaps WE really are the problem after all. If a politician like Boehner or McConnell actually lost his seat for such gross Constitutional negligence as they have shown through their utter refusal to provide congressional oversight of an out-of-control would-be monarch, perhaps much more principled statesmen such as Cruz and Lee would be in leadership, the Obama Agenda would be stopped, and we would not be where we are today.

Barack Obama's War on the Constitution Through "Executive Amnesty"

Seldom, if ever, has an American president shown such hostility toward the very document that grants him his limited power as Chief Executive. While a few of his predecessors have certainly bemoaned the fact that they hadn't enough power to suit them, Obama has taken the abuse of our system of government and of his own Office far beyond the limits anyone thought Constitutionally or politically possible six years ago.

Most of his aggression against Constitutional restraints are well-documented and can be easily found if one wishes to search for them. I wish to focus on his announcement that he will grant "executive amnesty" to people who have already broken the laws of our land by sneaking across the border with Mexico- other wise known as illegal immigrants.

Let me begin with this simple fact: "Executive Amnesty" does not exist, at least in the sense we hear it defined today; President Obama simply does not have the Constitutional authority to write law- which is exactly what he is threatening to do with this proposed decree. ONLY CONGRESS has lawmaking power pursuant to the U.S. Constitution. The Chief Executive may sign or veto any law he desires, but he cannot simply make legal decrees as a monarch might do.

Our nation currently has properly passed and signed laws on the books that define who may enter the country, for what reasons, and the proper and legal means by which to do so. Those laws are what define immigration, legal or otherwise, and those can only be changed or updated by Congress, with a signature from the Chief Executive.

President Obama has already committed an Impeachable Offense with his announcement that he would NOT defend DOMA, a law properly passed by Congress and signed by a predecessor that defines what the United States government will recognize legally as marriage. One premier duty of the Chief Executive is the defend the laws of our nation in a court of law or otherwise.

When the president refuses, as Obama did, to defend American law in a court of law, he abdicates one of his Constitutional other words, there is Executive precedent for ignoring, re-writing, or otherwise nullifying federal law by this administration. An American president refusing to defend his country's laws clearly constitutes an abdication of duty- an impeachable offense.

So Obama's proposed act for today isn't a new behavior for him. If the president goes through with such a blatant assault on the Constitution of the United States and its clearly-defined Separation of Powers, Congress has a clear and binding duty to preserve our Constitution through any means available, including Impeachment. Clinton and Nixon were impeached for far less serious crimes.

If Boehner and McConnell put political calculation above the principle that even an American President is NOT above the laws of our nation, they will not only have rendered themselves unworthy of their offices, but will themselves deserve removal from office for abdication of their duty to provide congressional oversight of an out-of-control Chief Executive who behaves as if he were a monarch and dares them to do something about his many abuses of power.

Only We the People possess the influence to make it happen; If we do not call our Congressmen and Senators and demand impeachment- over and over and over, as many times as it takes to get action- we will indeed share the guilt with Obama, Boehner, McConnell and any elected representative who refuses to do their sworn duty to protect, preserve, and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign OR domestic.

Barack Obama will clearly make himself the latter with "executive amnesty" today.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Case For Impeachment of President Barack Obama-Part 1

With the news that a Mexican army chopper has launched an attack on U.S Border Patrol agents in Arizona, the question of Obama's deserved impeachment arises yet again. Recently Rush Limbaugh said that Obama needs to be impeached for using the IRS to go after political opponents. While I most certainly concur, there is much more reason than that for so doing.

Take for instance Benghazi or Fast and Furious or refusing to defend DOMA or running guns to Al Qaeda murderers in Syria, and I could go on. But this latest encroachment and act of war by Mexico opens the impeachment can of worms 
for me yet again.
Let's pretend for a moment that a rogue Mexican chopper pilot gets caught up in patriotic fervor, sees those nasty BP guys down there in their uniforms and decides to take a .50 caliber pot shot at one just to feel good about doing his part to help open the border with those rich, greedy Americans who want to keep all the worlds goodies for themselves- you know, the ones they worked, toiled and sweated hard for- but that's beside the point.

Or perhaps a superior officer gets ticked at his bosses who won't let him fire at will at those gringo jerks down there who stand in the way of prosperity for poor Mexican would-be immigrants.

Likely scenarios? Would we blame the American president for that?

I think not. But I think the word has gone out from the American Regime to the Mexican regime that any and all aggression against Americans that softens the border is not only going to go unpunished, but is gladly welcomed. If not an explicit invitation, his policies certainly invite it.

Nothing else explains Mexico's utter lack of fear and respect for American military power. If they had one iota of suspicion that such an attack might be punished there is no way they would take such a chance. The U.S government us actually recruiting and using our tax dollars to ship illegals across the border from Central and South America; we have "worked with" the Mexican government- think bringing in vicious gang thugs- on immigration issues very closely since 2009; why would they not feel secure making such a move?

This is Obama combining the "Cloward-Piven strategy" with his radical Marxist-Islamist belief that America must be brought to her knees, as his history of action and even his own statements make perfectly clear, and this knowledge by the Mexican government is the reason they are fearlessly attempting to kill those preventing free border crossings by gang members and other thugs from Mexico. 

When the main goal of an American president is clearly to destroy the traditional legal, moral, spiritual, economical and Constitutional foundations of this nation, impeachment is very clearly not only an option, but an absolute duty of this underwhelmingly sniveling and cowardly Congress.

If we are going to survive this presidency, it will take an overwhelming uprising of decent, law-abiding Americans hounding their Congressman and Senators to do the right thing and save America by impeaching Obama and removing them from office if they refuse to move. Seems impossible but......

Remember the story of the unjust judge in the Gospels and the woman who asked for justice from him; She asked over and over, day after day, yet he refused to hear her. But, she kept on undeterred, asking constantly, until finally one day he could not take the hassle anymore and gave her the ruling she asked for.

This is what it will take to rid this nation of the mole on the inside, known as Barack Hussein Obama, who is actively destroying us and our future and with it, our liberty. If we wish to leave freedom to our children we will awake now from our slumber, get out of the ever-heating pot of water and hassle our representatives until they can no longer stand it and they impeach the anti-American Obama.

Are we too busy playing soccer? Or watching Frozen? Or taking the kids to dance class? Or perhaps even commendable exercises such as making a living?

We all will now have to sacrifice lives, fortunes and sacred honors to leave to our children what our forefathers left to us. The only question is if we still value liberty that highly. Call your representatives today and demand impeachment.  

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

McDaniels Loses Primary- Cuccinelli Gets Blamed by Virginia Bloggers??

So there it is. Now we know why McDaniels lost- It's Ken Cuccinelli's fault! A fellow Virginia blogger who will remain nameless as his foolish and childish assertion deserves has enlightened us all so we now can place the blame for McDaniel's loss exactly where it belongs- on the shoulders of Ken Cuccinelli, who took the helm at Senate Conservatives Fund a couple short weeks ago.

Apparently the race baiting of Thad Cochran who played the race card against McDaniels for the purpose of angering blacks into voting in the runoff against McDaniels had nothing to do with the 39% increase in black voter turnout from the GOP primary to the runoff. Dang that Ken!!.

Apparently the different dynamic from the primary to the runoff, from several candidates to a head to head match up between two had nothing to do with the outcome. Dang that Ken!!

Apparently the outreach of the Cochran camp to traditionally Democrat non-black voters was a non-factor. Dang that Ken!!

No, it was not the fault of Matt Kibbe, Freedomworks, the Tea Party, or any other group that has been involved in this race for months.

IT WAS KEN CUCCINELLI'S FAULT!!! Yes, THAT Cuccinelli- the one who has been president of the SCF for less than a month. Dang that Ken!!

The foolish childishness and obvious personal hatred against Cuccinelli involved in making such a patently absurd statement is why GOP handlers love bloggers like this; useful idiots always help get the idiots who use them elected and throw out such rubbish as this after the fact to cover for the race baiting and pandering done by their GOP establishment heroes. Of course, this blogger never bothers to disclose that he supported Cochran and is delighted not only that McDaniels lost, but for the chance to blame the devil, Cuccinelli. Dang that Ken!!

But that's ok. Lessons can be learned from stupid and baseless charges like the aforementioned. Like President Lincoln once said, "It's better to keep one's mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and prove it". Some among our GOP ranks should take this to heart.


Friday, June 20, 2014

McAuliffe Goes Tyrant- Re-writes Virginia Constitution.

With the news that Governor McAuliffe will "veto" one line item of the Virginia budget, the monster that is Barack Obama comes to Virginia. This act is a violation of both the Virginia and U.S Constitutions according to Delegate Bob Marshall. From his press release today comes this: "Governor McAuliffe has no legal authority to “line-item veto” the condition added  by the General Assembly to the Budget preventing the Governor from expanding Medicaid without General Assembly approval, but that's exactly what he's trying to do!

The Virginia Supreme Court defined “item” the 1940 case of Commonwealth vs. Dodson and agreed with the US Supreme Court that:  “An item of an appropriation bill obviously means an item which in itself is a specific appropriation of money, not some general provision of law which happens to be put into an appropriation bill. ...

Even if the Constitution of Virginia gave Mr. McAuliffe the power to veto “parts” of the Budget, he still could not “line-item veto” the Medicaid prohibition:  “ ... the constitution of Mississippi gave to the governor power to veto parts of any appropriation bill. "Parts" is a word capable of wider application than "item" or "items", yet it did not give to the governor power to veto an objectionable provision.(Dodson, citing Bengzon v. Secretary, etc.)

The Governor’s actions and the Attorney general’s so-called advice are contemptuous of the people and Constitution of Virginia, the Constitution of the United States, and the Rule of Law".

Ones does not have to imagine why TMac believes he is above the law. Barack Obama has been living like this for nearly six years with absolutely no consequences whatsoever. Chances are that the Virginia Supreme Court will stop this tyrannical power grab by McAuliffe, but the greater question is warranted- why do Republicans continue to allow Democrats to live above the law? Who will stop him and when?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

McCarthy Elected Majority Leader- Cantor Supporters Completely Miss the Point

One night a thief breaks into your home and is turned over to police for proper justice. The next night a rapist enters, and your astute neighbor says to you, "well, if you hadn't gotten rid of the thief there would not have been room for the rapist". Great read, Neighbor Jones!

That is the very logic many Cantor supporters are now using, attempting to blame McCarthy's election as majority leader on the local 7th district tea parties who were instrumental in removing Cantor, as if somehow it is their fault that McCarthy has been elected by the same self-protectionist group of congressional cronies who elected Cantor previously; this viewpoint necessarily suggests that we must learn to tolerate an unworthy representative because his replacement might be worse.

I submit that the proper lesson from McCarthy's election to Majority Leader is that the GOP still refuses to learn from electoral defeats and will continue to blame the tea party, conservatives, Democrats, Ron Paul, Mickey Mouse, Goofy or perhaps even Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction for their own impotence and insistence upon continuing the crony capitalism that has run this nation into the ground, enriched all too many congressman and reduced liberty in the process, rather than recognize that perhaps they themselves have made a lot of very bad governing decisions that resulted in a disaffected electorate. .

And predictably, rank and file GOP apologists will blame anyone and everyone except their latest political crush for the problems created by the very people they misguidedly worship.

By all means, let's not try to turn the Titanic away from the iceberg for fear we might run into another one.
Makes sense.....

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Congressman Robert Hurt Votes for NDAA- Suspension of U.S. Constitution

Hurt supports INDEFINITE DETENTION of American citizens without a warrant or charges, and holding them in prison indefinitely without charges or benefit of trial by a jury of their peers. Seriously?!

Hurt supports INDEFINITE DETENTION of American citizens without a warrant or charges, and holding them in prison indefinitely without charges or benefit of trial by a jury of their peers. Seriously?!

Indeed, here is the proof.  "Hurt voted in support of HR 1960 - the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2014. The bill passed the House on June 14, 2013, with a vote of 315 - 108."

Yes, Congressman Hurt voted to give the President unilateral power to suspend the 1st, 5th, and potentially 4th Amendments to the U.S Constitution at whim. Rush Limbaugh is right- it really is not about Republican v. Democrat; it is now Washington v. the People. Robert Hurt v. his constituents- you and me.

Those with lifetime paid benefits, free market healthcare, pension, and immunity from the tyranny of the laws to which they subject you and me are brusquely legislating away the Constitution and along with it the Liberty for which men have fought and died for 250 years.

Congressman Hurt, we have a message for you: You WILL represent us; you WILL abide by the constraints of the Constitution; you WILL read every piece of legislation before voting upon it; you WILL vote 'NO' on any piece of legislation you are not given time to read before the vote; you WILL cease to use the power of government to enrich yourself; you WILL begin to properly defend the Constitution and liberty; if you don't, we will call you home as the People of the 7th did to Congressman Cantor.

No one is above the Constitution, sir. Not you, not the president, not anyone.

You may feel insulated from reality, you may believe your seat to be safe, and yourself to be invincible; 
You're not.
Please reconsider such fallacious governing philosophy as you clearly have adopted in recent years.

We the People, your employer and boss, have the power and we will exercise it as we see fit. Money won't bail you out, endorsements won't save your job.

We decide that, and no one else.
We have warned you. Your response is up to you.

Friday, June 13, 2014


Thomas Jefferson said it. How right he was! Last night the Virginia General Assembly used the new-found GOP majority in the Senate to pass a budget that provides NO funding for the Obamacare medicaid expansion, and they struck the provision that would have left room for Governor McAulliffe to unilaterally do so. Liberty ruled the day!

Why would the GOP leadership take such a stand, particularly in the Senate, where they are known for being considerably more moderate than the House?
I propose to credit the people of Va-7.

In Virginia government fears the People far more than it did prior to this past Tuesday.
U.S House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his primary bid for the GOP nomination in resounding fashion, and despite all the spin from both parties, it cannot be attributed to any single factor more than the fact that he forgot who votes for him and who his bosses really are.

It wasn't K Street, it wasn't the Koch Brothers, it wasn't the media, and it wasn't John Boehner. It was the good people of the 7th who called Cantor home to get his feet back on the ground, and no one can overrule their authority.

I submit to you that last night's successful coalition of conservatives, Republicans and one Democrat- who, by the way, deserves much credit for courage in breaking with the Governor- is a direct result of Cantor's loss. Our representatives were reminded in no uncertain terms that in a Representative Republic We the People truly are the source from which government derives its power- you might say "from the consent of the governed"- and no one is beyond our reach or above our ability to hold them accountable.

Not to diminish the firm stand of Dick Black and other leaders in the Senate and House who truly acted out of principle to block Obama from gaining complete control of Virginia's health care; they deserve all the props in the world which I happily extend!

But mostly, it was you and your calls to your senator and delegate that made the difference! Self-government requires self sacrifice and you did it perfectly yesterday as you called and emailed to let your representative know your direction to them on this critical issue.

At the end of the day, Mike Rothfeld is right- "the only thing a politician really fears is the loss of his seat", and last night was clear proof of that truth. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Remembering Barack Obama

Amid a flurry of news stories of the myriad unconstitutional acts of Barack Hussein Obama, it is often all to easy to fall for certain media spin lines and the purposeful attempts of the administration and their lapdog buddies in media to deflect the blame for his intentional destruction of United States sovereignty, liberty, and military might.

One might remember all the way back to ObamaCare in 2009, or Benghazi, or Fast and Furious, or his refusal to defend and enforce DOMA, or his penchant for making himself king through bypassing Congress to sign legislation into law for which he has no authority.

It concerns me greatly to see some on side our crowing about the latest Obama scandal or corrupt adminstration official to lose their job, apparently forgetting entirely that they serve at the pleasure and behest of Barack Obama, and are only carrying out their instructions from "the regime", as if they will not simply be replaced with another just as bad as themselves or worse, and who will continue to carry out the illegal instructions of Obama.
Yes Hillary was to blame for her role in Benghazi, but Obama is the president and did nothing- or much worse; HE is responsible for Benghazi.

Eric Holder has been in the middle of many unconstitutional or otherwise unlawful schemes by this administration, yet we seem to forget that he was hired by Obama, and supported through every treacherous and illegal act by the same.

We enjoyed watching Lois Lerner go down, yet we forget too easily that she was obeying orders from the White House and was fired for getting caught, not for her actions. That, and Barry needed to deflect from his own culpability- again.

We have seen Al-Qaeda "steal" Blackhawk helcopters from the U.S military in Iraq just recently. I mean, did they walk up and ask our guys to look the other way for a sec while we borrow your chopper for a sightseeing tour, or perhaps a pilot got sleepy and needed a nap and they took it while he dozed? Al Qaeda, for all their vicious wickedness is not capable of "just taking" anything our military doesn't feel like giving them. Who will be thrown under the bus for this?

Or how about the transport chopper that went down, in a place where Special Forces members say a transport chopper would never go without an armed escort bird, and just happened to be carrying ALL the members of Seal Team Six a couple months after Bin Laden was reportedly captured? I guess this was the fault of an overly-ambitious pilot. Could never have been Obama's fault.

Or the guns Obama gave to Syrian "rebels", who also just happen to be Al Qaeda. Was that just the rash action of some young kid State Department employee eating boogers and playing video games with U.S foreign policy from Daddy's basement? No, that was Barack Obama.

By the way, have you also noticed an apparent soft spot for Al Qaeda by a certain occupant of the White House recently or is it just me?

I could go on and on but, my bored readers, I will not!
Suffice it to say, we liberty lovers must be on guard that we always attribute the responsibility for for illegal, unconstitutional and unethical acts by members of the Executive Branch to the one at whose desk the buck stops- and who, I suspect, orders most of these acts, and must hold not only him accountable but all those in Congress who abdicate their sworn duty to the Constitution by enabling and funding the dictates of this lawless regime.

Barack Hussein Obama, mm, mm, mm. (props to Rush for that).  
"Government is not the solution to our problem.Government is the problem."
Ronald Reagan, first Inaugural Address, January 20, 1981