Thursday, November 20, 2014

Obama Knows He Will Never Be Impeached And Doesn't Fear It

Millions of Americans make hard decisions every day that have overwhelming impact on their finances and families; that's what is required of loving bread-winners and protectors. Taking dangerous gambles out of necessity is something most normal Americans must do from time to time. It is par for the course to do things that are not fun or comfortable because it is the right thing to do and must be done. That's what normal folks do all the time.

Beltway insiders are not normal people; Many of them don't even know what gas prices currently are, or how much it costs to buy groceries for a week; they don't think in terms of right and wrong, or necessity versus desire; the concept of sacrificing something one badly desires in order to do what one badly needs just doesn't occur to them. One really has to meet one of these creatures to understand just how out of touch they really are with the reality most Americans face head-on week to week.

Understanding this principle makes it a little easier to understand why GOP leaders just cannot ever seem to find any violation of the Constitution, federal law, or traditional American principle by President Obama that really makes them angry or concerns to them the point that they do more than talk about it on Sunday shows. Real action in response might be risky; it might cause the media to say mean things about them, or twist their actions to make it look like they were somehow in the wrong for stopping the blatant assault on American liberty that is the hallmark of the Obama Administration.

 They might be accused of being racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic, nativist, or any other favorite label the Left uses to effectively prevent Republicans from carrying out the mandate from their constituents to preserve whatever liberty we have left.

Most GOP leaders, consultants and strategists have bought hook, line, and sinker the lie from the Left that disagreeing with Obama will cause the people to hate them and vote against them next time. That, of course, is as fallacious a premise as one can possibly imagine. But no matter- for whatever reason they are completely sold on it and live in deadly fear of the consequences to their electoral welfare that Democrats and media have convinced them will happen, all overwhelming historical evidence to the contrary aside. THAT is an article for another day!

Why does Obama know he stands practically zero chance of being impeached? Consider the last six years.
Benghazi, DOMA, Fast and Furious, refusing to prosecute crimes based on the race of the perpetrator, one could go on almost forever with examples. The entire time the GOP has screamed, yelled, and sucked ever harder on their pacifiers, but done absolutely nothing- even in the face of multiple impeachable offenses- to actually put up any walls between the president and the destruction he has wreaked upon American interests at home and abroad.

Why should Obama fear a GOP leadership and Caucus that has shown nothing but cowardice, craven self-interest, and a penchant for enabling his agenda through funding? There are many constitutional avenues available to the GOP for restoring the balance of power that the Executive Branch has stolen, yet they show no interest whatsoever in utilizing those Constitutional tools.

With a few notable exceptions such as Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, Louie Gohmert, Jeff Sessions, Amash, to name a few, the GOP seems entirely uninterested in doing anything more than issue a press release here or there that seem designed more to make their base think they care than to actually stop the wreckage Obama is causing.

In fact, when the occasional Republican stumbles upon his own spine and stands up to this tyrannical regime, the GOP leadership are the first ones to the podium to join the Democrats and media in condemnation of the transgressing child, and to be the first to loudly proclaim future doom for Republican candidates all over the country as a direct result of the destructive actions of the one who tried to do more than play dead. (the fact that the predictions of doom and gloom never come true are entirely beside the point)

Why would Obama fear impeachment with his latest blatant assault on the Constitution and the authority of Congress he has so cavalierly usurped through "executive amnesty"? He knows they believe the lies we have already discussed; He knows they fear the media and dread the Chamber of Commerce far more than they fear their constituents.

Perhaps WE really are the problem after all. If a politician like Boehner or McConnell actually lost his seat for such gross Constitutional negligence as they have shown through their utter refusal to provide congressional oversight of an out-of-control would-be monarch, perhaps much more principled statesmen such as Cruz and Lee would be in leadership, the Obama Agenda would be stopped, and we would not be where we are today.

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"Government is not the solution to our problem.Government is the problem."
Ronald Reagan, first Inaugural Address, January 20, 1981