Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Case For Impeachment of President Barack Obama-Part 1

With the news that a Mexican army chopper has launched an attack on U.S Border Patrol agents in Arizona, the question of Obama's deserved impeachment arises yet again. Recently Rush Limbaugh said that Obama needs to be impeached for using the IRS to go after political opponents. While I most certainly concur, there is much more reason than that for so doing.

Take for instance Benghazi or Fast and Furious or refusing to defend DOMA or running guns to Al Qaeda murderers in Syria, and I could go on. But this latest encroachment and act of war by Mexico opens the impeachment can of worms 
for me yet again.
Let's pretend for a moment that a rogue Mexican chopper pilot gets caught up in patriotic fervor, sees those nasty BP guys down there in their uniforms and decides to take a .50 caliber pot shot at one just to feel good about doing his part to help open the border with those rich, greedy Americans who want to keep all the worlds goodies for themselves- you know, the ones they worked, toiled and sweated hard for- but that's beside the point.

Or perhaps a superior officer gets ticked at his bosses who won't let him fire at will at those gringo jerks down there who stand in the way of prosperity for poor Mexican would-be immigrants.

Likely scenarios? Would we blame the American president for that?

I think not. But I think the word has gone out from the American Regime to the Mexican regime that any and all aggression against Americans that softens the border is not only going to go unpunished, but is gladly welcomed. If not an explicit invitation, his policies certainly invite it.

Nothing else explains Mexico's utter lack of fear and respect for American military power. If they had one iota of suspicion that such an attack might be punished there is no way they would take such a chance. The U.S government us actually recruiting and using our tax dollars to ship illegals across the border from Central and South America; we have "worked with" the Mexican government- think bringing in vicious gang thugs- on immigration issues very closely since 2009; why would they not feel secure making such a move?

This is Obama combining the "Cloward-Piven strategy" with his radical Marxist-Islamist belief that America must be brought to her knees, as his history of action and even his own statements make perfectly clear, and this knowledge by the Mexican government is the reason they are fearlessly attempting to kill those preventing free border crossings by gang members and other thugs from Mexico. 

When the main goal of an American president is clearly to destroy the traditional legal, moral, spiritual, economical and Constitutional foundations of this nation, impeachment is very clearly not only an option, but an absolute duty of this underwhelmingly sniveling and cowardly Congress.

If we are going to survive this presidency, it will take an overwhelming uprising of decent, law-abiding Americans hounding their Congressman and Senators to do the right thing and save America by impeaching Obama and removing them from office if they refuse to move. Seems impossible but......

Remember the story of the unjust judge in the Gospels and the woman who asked for justice from him; She asked over and over, day after day, yet he refused to hear her. But, she kept on undeterred, asking constantly, until finally one day he could not take the hassle anymore and gave her the ruling she asked for.

This is what it will take to rid this nation of the mole on the inside, known as Barack Hussein Obama, who is actively destroying us and our future and with it, our liberty. If we wish to leave freedom to our children we will awake now from our slumber, get out of the ever-heating pot of water and hassle our representatives until they can no longer stand it and they impeach the anti-American Obama.

Are we too busy playing soccer? Or watching Frozen? Or taking the kids to dance class? Or perhaps even commendable exercises such as making a living?

We all will now have to sacrifice lives, fortunes and sacred honors to leave to our children what our forefathers left to us. The only question is if we still value liberty that highly. Call your representatives today and demand impeachment.  

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Ronald Reagan, first Inaugural Address, January 20, 1981