Thursday, November 20, 2014

Barack Obama's War on the Constitution Through "Executive Amnesty"

Seldom, if ever, has an American president shown such hostility toward the very document that grants him his limited power as Chief Executive. While a few of his predecessors have certainly bemoaned the fact that they hadn't enough power to suit them, Obama has taken the abuse of our system of government and of his own Office far beyond the limits anyone thought Constitutionally or politically possible six years ago.

Most of his aggression against Constitutional restraints are well-documented and can be easily found if one wishes to search for them. I wish to focus on his announcement that he will grant "executive amnesty" to people who have already broken the laws of our land by sneaking across the border with Mexico- other wise known as illegal immigrants.

Let me begin with this simple fact: "Executive Amnesty" does not exist, at least in the sense we hear it defined today; President Obama simply does not have the Constitutional authority to write law- which is exactly what he is threatening to do with this proposed decree. ONLY CONGRESS has lawmaking power pursuant to the U.S. Constitution. The Chief Executive may sign or veto any law he desires, but he cannot simply make legal decrees as a monarch might do.

Our nation currently has properly passed and signed laws on the books that define who may enter the country, for what reasons, and the proper and legal means by which to do so. Those laws are what define immigration, legal or otherwise, and those can only be changed or updated by Congress, with a signature from the Chief Executive.

President Obama has already committed an Impeachable Offense with his announcement that he would NOT defend DOMA, a law properly passed by Congress and signed by a predecessor that defines what the United States government will recognize legally as marriage. One premier duty of the Chief Executive is the defend the laws of our nation in a court of law or otherwise.

When the president refuses, as Obama did, to defend American law in a court of law, he abdicates one of his Constitutional other words, there is Executive precedent for ignoring, re-writing, or otherwise nullifying federal law by this administration. An American president refusing to defend his country's laws clearly constitutes an abdication of duty- an impeachable offense.

So Obama's proposed act for today isn't a new behavior for him. If the president goes through with such a blatant assault on the Constitution of the United States and its clearly-defined Separation of Powers, Congress has a clear and binding duty to preserve our Constitution through any means available, including Impeachment. Clinton and Nixon were impeached for far less serious crimes.

If Boehner and McConnell put political calculation above the principle that even an American President is NOT above the laws of our nation, they will not only have rendered themselves unworthy of their offices, but will themselves deserve removal from office for abdication of their duty to provide congressional oversight of an out-of-control Chief Executive who behaves as if he were a monarch and dares them to do something about his many abuses of power.

Only We the People possess the influence to make it happen; If we do not call our Congressmen and Senators and demand impeachment- over and over and over, as many times as it takes to get action- we will indeed share the guilt with Obama, Boehner, McConnell and any elected representative who refuses to do their sworn duty to protect, preserve, and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign OR domestic.

Barack Obama will clearly make himself the latter with "executive amnesty" today.

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