Thursday, June 12, 2014

Remembering Barack Obama

Amid a flurry of news stories of the myriad unconstitutional acts of Barack Hussein Obama, it is often all to easy to fall for certain media spin lines and the purposeful attempts of the administration and their lapdog buddies in media to deflect the blame for his intentional destruction of United States sovereignty, liberty, and military might.

One might remember all the way back to ObamaCare in 2009, or Benghazi, or Fast and Furious, or his refusal to defend and enforce DOMA, or his penchant for making himself king through bypassing Congress to sign legislation into law for which he has no authority.

It concerns me greatly to see some on side our crowing about the latest Obama scandal or corrupt adminstration official to lose their job, apparently forgetting entirely that they serve at the pleasure and behest of Barack Obama, and are only carrying out their instructions from "the regime", as if they will not simply be replaced with another just as bad as themselves or worse, and who will continue to carry out the illegal instructions of Obama.
Yes Hillary was to blame for her role in Benghazi, but Obama is the president and did nothing- or much worse; HE is responsible for Benghazi.

Eric Holder has been in the middle of many unconstitutional or otherwise unlawful schemes by this administration, yet we seem to forget that he was hired by Obama, and supported through every treacherous and illegal act by the same.

We enjoyed watching Lois Lerner go down, yet we forget too easily that she was obeying orders from the White House and was fired for getting caught, not for her actions. That, and Barry needed to deflect from his own culpability- again.

We have seen Al-Qaeda "steal" Blackhawk helcopters from the U.S military in Iraq just recently. I mean, did they walk up and ask our guys to look the other way for a sec while we borrow your chopper for a sightseeing tour, or perhaps a pilot got sleepy and needed a nap and they took it while he dozed? Al Qaeda, for all their vicious wickedness is not capable of "just taking" anything our military doesn't feel like giving them. Who will be thrown under the bus for this?

Or how about the transport chopper that went down, in a place where Special Forces members say a transport chopper would never go without an armed escort bird, and just happened to be carrying ALL the members of Seal Team Six a couple months after Bin Laden was reportedly captured? I guess this was the fault of an overly-ambitious pilot. Could never have been Obama's fault.

Or the guns Obama gave to Syrian "rebels", who also just happen to be Al Qaeda. Was that just the rash action of some young kid State Department employee eating boogers and playing video games with U.S foreign policy from Daddy's basement? No, that was Barack Obama.

By the way, have you also noticed an apparent soft spot for Al Qaeda by a certain occupant of the White House recently or is it just me?

I could go on and on but, my bored readers, I will not!
Suffice it to say, we liberty lovers must be on guard that we always attribute the responsibility for for illegal, unconstitutional and unethical acts by members of the Executive Branch to the one at whose desk the buck stops- and who, I suspect, orders most of these acts, and must hold not only him accountable but all those in Congress who abdicate their sworn duty to the Constitution by enabling and funding the dictates of this lawless regime.

Barack Hussein Obama, mm, mm, mm. (props to Rush for that).  

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"Government is not the solution to our problem.Government is the problem."
Ronald Reagan, first Inaugural Address, January 20, 1981