Wednesday, June 25, 2014

McDaniels Loses Primary- Cuccinelli Gets Blamed by Virginia Bloggers??

So there it is. Now we know why McDaniels lost- It's Ken Cuccinelli's fault! A fellow Virginia blogger who will remain nameless as his foolish and childish assertion deserves has enlightened us all so we now can place the blame for McDaniel's loss exactly where it belongs- on the shoulders of Ken Cuccinelli, who took the helm at Senate Conservatives Fund a couple short weeks ago.

Apparently the race baiting of Thad Cochran who played the race card against McDaniels for the purpose of angering blacks into voting in the runoff against McDaniels had nothing to do with the 39% increase in black voter turnout from the GOP primary to the runoff. Dang that Ken!!.

Apparently the different dynamic from the primary to the runoff, from several candidates to a head to head match up between two had nothing to do with the outcome. Dang that Ken!!

Apparently the outreach of the Cochran camp to traditionally Democrat non-black voters was a non-factor. Dang that Ken!!

No, it was not the fault of Matt Kibbe, Freedomworks, the Tea Party, or any other group that has been involved in this race for months.

IT WAS KEN CUCCINELLI'S FAULT!!! Yes, THAT Cuccinelli- the one who has been president of the SCF for less than a month. Dang that Ken!!

The foolish childishness and obvious personal hatred against Cuccinelli involved in making such a patently absurd statement is why GOP handlers love bloggers like this; useful idiots always help get the idiots who use them elected and throw out such rubbish as this after the fact to cover for the race baiting and pandering done by their GOP establishment heroes. Of course, this blogger never bothers to disclose that he supported Cochran and is delighted not only that McDaniels lost, but for the chance to blame the devil, Cuccinelli. Dang that Ken!!

But that's ok. Lessons can be learned from stupid and baseless charges like the aforementioned. Like President Lincoln once said, "It's better to keep one's mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and prove it". Some among our GOP ranks should take this to heart.


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