Thursday, November 20, 2014

Yes, America, You Have An Emperor!

Photo courtesy of Col. Allen West.
As of November 20, 2014 the United States of America effectively mirrors the nation from which it sprang. King George III didn't have much on Barack Obama I. Tonight the president effectively rendered the U.S. Constitution Null and Void  by legislating amnesty for over 5 million illegal aliens currently living illegally in the United States.

Article 1, Sec.8 of the Constitution unequivocally gives Congress the power to decide naturalization issues.  "To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization, "
Nowhere in the President granted any involvement in passage of legislation, only in the enforcement thereof.

President Obama has cavalierly overstepped the bounds of the Constitution in this case, actually elevating himself unilaterally above the power vested in him by the Constitution, and reducing the congressional role to one of mere observer.

This precedent is dangerous on more levels than could possibly be broached in one article, but on its face a few really are obvious.

Separation of Powers: The Constitution established the Separation of Powers for the very reason on preventing what happened tonight- an out-of-control Branch or Official of government putting himself above the Law of our land. President Obama effectively embraced the role of an outlaw tonight, blamed GOP "lack of action" for his own illegal actions and dared them to do something about it. The Founders has just broken out from under the iron-fisted rule of a vicious tyrant when they designed our system to prevent what happened tonight.

The Rule of Law: Ours is a system governed by law, not by Fiat, arbitrary whims of those in elective office, or the fickle momentary desires of the majority of voters on any given issue. It was designed to give only the designated powers to public officials and all other power was left to the States and the People (10th Amendment U.S Constitution). 
Tonight, President Obama put himself above the rule of our system of law, with no apparent regard for any consequences that may be forthcoming, either to himself, his administration, or for the Constitutional Balance of Power that has been obliterated tonight. No president can get away with such brusque disregard for the rule of law unless he is allowed to by those who have oversight of his office, in this case, the Congress. Perhaps by far the best question here should be, will they?

States Rights, 10th Amendment:  Let's first establish a fact- nowhere does the Constitution mention driver's licenses for obvious reasons; As a result, the issue of who can or cannot have a driver's license rests solely in the hands of the Sovereign States (see 10th Amendment). President Obama tonight said drivers licenses would be granted to the illegal alien to whom he issued amnesty through fiat in most states. That is yet another decision/law that in NOT his to make; that power rests solely with the States. As with the amnesty itself, Obama has made himself above the powers of the States to control their own destiny within the confines of the 10th Amendment.

Encourage and Reward Further Illegal Behavior: One thing that jumped out at me reading an overview of Obama's action tonight is that he is sending more Immigration judges to the border with Mexico for the purpose that, according to the Washington Times " illegal immigrants who are deemed low priority can be released more quickly"!! Read that, " so we can more quickly and easily release into American society those who just broke our laws to come here and who will have next to no accountability to keep them from breaking more laws". This is an unbelievable travesty of American sovereignty, and a reward for illegal behavior, as well as slap in the face to those who waited years to come here legally.

President Obama has exhibited all the hallmarks of a tyrant, a monarch, a dictator, call it what you want, for six years now.
Tonight, he became one.

Now we will see who the GOP majority fears the most- the Democrat/media Washington conglomerate and the Chamber of Commerce who desperately want amnesty to introduce cheaper labor into the work force, or the People who actually have a vote in their next election. 

Hint: if they don't hear from you, they won't fear you. Why should they?
"Government is not the solution to our problem.Government is the problem."
Ronald Reagan, first Inaugural Address, January 20, 1981