Thursday, April 9, 2009

HPV Will Haunt Bill Bolling

IN this era of Marxist-Leninist/ Humanist worldview control of our political system, one would expect the Republican party to make at least an honest effort to stand against it in defense of American freedom and liberty.
Some, I am sure have tried action; Most, only rhetoric.

Bill Bolling has launched lofty rhetoric, but very little action to combat these forces at work in our state.
In some areas, he has actually led in the wrong direction, and one of those areas that concern me greatly as an American dad is the HPV vaccine.

Now some of this info is going to be very sensitive, so if you are a young'un, tune out now

Bill supported and campaigned for a bill that would force mandatory HPV vaccines on ALL Virginia girls age 12 and older.
It is ostensibly for the vaccination against cervical cancer, a very uncommon form of cancer.
This intrusive vaccine is administered in three shots, and has been documented to have killed some of the recipients.

The maker of this drug(Gardisil), Merck, has lobbied heavily among legislators all over the country, trying to start a panic epidemic to lead folks to believe this drug is an absolute necessity.

This is a case of slick marketing of a dangerous drug by an unscrupulous company, and Bill Bolling has been the leader of this effort statewide to promote it's sale and use, and the MANDATORY administering of this drug to Virginia's underage citizens, even against the wishes of their parents.

He has received appx. 6-7,000 for his efforts from Merck.
The National Lieutenant Governor's association where Bill is a prominent leader is pushing this drug very hard at Merck's request, in exchange for donations from Merck.

Google HPV to read the chilling story of how a drug company created a "crisis", and used politicians like Bolling to MANDATE their drug's use, whether parents agreed or not!!!

It infuriates me to be told by Mr Bolling that he knows better than I what the health needs of my daughter may be, and to have it insinuated that she would be sleeping around at the age of twelve, as sexual promiscuity is the ONLY way for cervical cancer to be contracted.

Government is out of control, folks, and I will not relenquish responsibility for my family to government, and I certainly will not be told by government that my children are government property, and that I must do as they say in all things pertaining to them.

If you are not offended by this heinous assault on parental rights, and the welfare of your kids by arrogant self-absorbed politicians, lacking principles beyond their own reelection and financial interests, then nothing I say will convince you, and I hope you enjoy it when they come to steal your kids, when you don't allow them to assault your children under medical pretexts.

This blatant assault on the constitutional rights of free citizens and their children nationwide, led by arrogant politicians like Bill Bolling, is representative of the downfall of the Republican party nationwide, in regard to the need to stand strong against the slavery of the citizens by an elite few in government determined to establish a Marxist utopia here in the States.

Now I do not believe Bolling is thinking along those lines, but his actions show at the very least a blatant disregard for parental rights and the constitution, and regardless of his motivation, the result of his actions will be devastating to freedom and liberty, and to the health and welfare of your kids, all in the name of "healthcare".
What an irony!

He is already suffering politically for these actions, having lost some battles in four unit mass meetings he never thought he would lose, and I fondly hope this issue will continue to gain steam and result in his defeat at the Republican convention this spring.

The Bible tell us that he who rolls a stone will have it return on his own head.........

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"Government is not the solution to our problem.Government is the problem."
Ronald Reagan, first Inaugural Address, January 20, 1981