Sunday, February 22, 2009

Conservative Heroes Corner

I have decided to have a conservative heroes post as often as I can find one to post about.
We are faithful here to show you the details of political incest, both Republican and Democrat, and that must be done.
However, there are still a few real conservatives out there being proactive about freedom and common sense, and I want to highlight them as examples to follow for regaining conservative majorities in government.
Thank God for their courage!

Conservative heroes corner will feature men and women who have a track record of doing what is right even when it is not momentarily popular to do so.
This does not mean that they have to be perfect in order to make the Corner; Only that they demonstrate a knowledge of, and willingness to do what it takes to regain our lost freedom.

Mark Sanford, Bobby Jindal, and Tim Pawlenty are featured this weekend!
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"Government is not the solution to our problem.Government is the problem."
Ronald Reagan, first Inaugural Address, January 20, 1981