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More Bolling/ Guidebooks

Here is a copy of the email I sent to Bill about the issue in my previous post, and his response;
Let me make it clear that far from being upset that they sent the guidebooks back, I applaud the staffer who did it, and am very upset that Bill and Randy appear to have thrown her under the bus to avoid taking heat from the Homo's.
I would welcome the heat as a badge of honor if it were me.
Anyway, here goes.

Dear Bill;
I am deeply saddened if indeed it is true what the ABC News story says, which I understand is questionable.

I would hope sincerely that I have misunderstood or been misled by ABC News.
If true, Sir, then I must tell you as a faithful supporter of yours since the day Senator Newman brought you to the Campbell County unit meeting years ago to introduce you to us, that I am terribly disappointed that you would apologize for the courageous and wonderful actions of my friend Melissa in the turning down of the materials that are so offensive to your conservative and moral supporters.

You, Sir, are not responsible for, or beholden to anyone except your supporters in Virginia and your conscience before your God.

I was extremely unhappy with your support of Gov. Gilmore over a far more principled Del. Marshall, but was willing to live and let live there, as I understood the aspirations for your own political future, and remained a supporter, as I told you at a Bedford County fundraiser.

This however, if true, is enough to make me realize that my conscience and yours are apparently far enough apart that we will find it necessary to part political paths.
It is so terribly disheartening to see Republican after Republican go down the sellout path and contribute to the destruction of the Republican party already well underway by the Bush bureaucracy.

Bill, you have unbelievable potential for the future, and I hate to see it wasted in the flames of establishment republican self destruction.
Maybe it is hard to see it happening inside Richmond, I don't know, but rest assured we can see it out here in the real world.
Lobbyists, special interests, and political consultants don't win elections, or put you in office.
We do!!

It is time for Republicans who refuse to act like it to become Democrats or reform themselves.
There is no room in our party for those who would seek to destroy it whether it be knowingly or not.
It is self destructive to attempt to lead an entire state full of Republicans, and behave in such a fashion as to destroy the very entity you wish to lead.

I trust you will understand that I mean no disrespect, I only wish to convey my true feelings on this matter without any typical political spin and nuance on my words.

Sir, we cannot and must not allow our party to become so watered down by political correctness that we cease to offer the voters the very principled and constitutional stance on the issues that have set us apart from the Dem's since the days of Reagan.

We must not only say these things during election cycles, but really believe them, and govern based upon them as did Reagan.

His model is effective not because it wins elections, but wins elections because it is effective, and polling reported by Newt shows that the vast majority of Americans agree with us on almost all the major issues of our time.
Why then must we pander to interest groups who will never support you, or to a news media that will NEVER support you as long as you govern as you say you believe?

Please Bill, don't be one of these waffling politicians who have gained the disgust of the people to the extent of the lowest approval ratings in the considerable history of our Congress,
but always stand firm on the principles you KNOW to be true and right.

If I am wrong on my interpretation of this matter, or the details surrounding it, please accept my truly humble and sincere apology for putting you through this.
But if I am right, please recognize it, and understand that I simply wish the best for all of us, our party and your own political future if you govern with the same principles upon which you have always campaigned, and most of all for the well-being of our Constitutional Republic.

I remain your humble and faithful servant,
Tim Boyer

His response;


Thanks for your email. We just got back in from Minneapolis and I noticed that I have about a dozen emails on this subject. I had not seen the ABC news story, but it is not accurate. I have never told anyone that I disagreed with staff’s decision to cancel the initial guidebook order. When the controversy arose my Chief of Staff issued a statement clarifying that it was a staff decision, that I was not aware of the decision and that I had not seen the guidebooks. (Interestingly, I still have not seen the guidebooks) We also expressed regret that the controversy had occurred on the eve of the RNC and we did offer to reimburse the publisher for any costs he had incurred in processing the initial order, which we felt contractually obligated to do. (Fortunately, there were no such costs.) Most of the media outlets reported our response accurately, but ABC obviously read more into it than was intended. Nonetheless, I do appreciate your taking time to write and ask about it, rather than just assuming that the ABC news report was accurate. I wish more people did that. As you know, I have long been a consistent friend and supporter of conservative family values in Virginia, and I assure you that will not change.


Fine, it all sounds so innocent; But I don't really care who ordered the books or canceled the order. Frankly, I think the one who did the right thing here was the staffer who returned the garbage.Notice above Bill does not dispute anything in his C-o-S's statement below.

Below is a statement from Bill's chief of staff, and this is the only public statement I can find from anyone representing Bolling.

If this is the only public statement issued, would I not be the fool if I take private assurances when the campaign cannot even take a stand publicly on a principled issue rather than throwing the staffer under the bus to avoid a"controversy'?

Frankly, who cares what the Homosexual community thinks of you anyway? Their lifestyle is the perverted one, not ours, and I am darned if their opinion of me really bothers me at all, and I wish Bill felt the same way.

Read Randy's statement and I think you would have to agree with me that Bill's email to me was nice, friendly, but politically motivated, misleading, and meaningless. I would be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, however, if he would issue a public statement approving the decision to send back the guidebooks, regardless of what Randy said below.

"Here is the background on the guidebooks situation. The guidebooks had not been ordered by the Virginia delegation to the Republican National Convention. The guidebooks had been ordered by our campaign and were going to be presented as a gift to Virginia delegates from the Lieutenant Governor. After receiving and reviewing a sample of the guidebook a staff member decided to cancel the order and order a different guidebook. The Lieutenant Governor was not aware of the decision. Frankly, the Lieutenant Governor has no problem with the guidebook and it would have made no difference to him.

We are sorry that this has occurred and wish it had not happened. We have contacted the publisher of the guidebook and extended an apology for the cancellation of the order. We have also agreed to reimburse the publisher for any expenses they incurred as a result of the cancellation. "


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