Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bolling Knuckles Under to Fear of Homosexual Community

Click here to read the disgusting story of Bill Bolling's demonstration of the lack of understanding of whom to be afraid.

I do not understand why Bill thinks there is any reason to placate the homosexual community.
According to unbiased studies without an agenda to push, homosexuals make up appx. 1 % of the population.
If Bill thinks that he needs to fear a loud and noisy 1 percent over an angry conservative base, then he has obviously been in Richmond too long.

He is even crazier if he thinks there is any chance the Homo's will be of any political value to him.
They will start voting Republican about the time the Clintons decide to come clean on Whitewater.

I asked Bill and his Chief of Staff both about this issue and received two different irreconcilable answers, to which the Chief backpedaled when I informed him that his answer did not match Bill's.

More to come on that.........oh yeah, if you want to see for yourself, do a little digging.

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Ronald Reagan, first Inaugural Address, January 20, 1981