Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bill Bolling Lurching to the Left

For those of you who believe that Bill Bolling is God's gift to conservatism, here are a few facts for you to chew on and maybe do a little independent research.

Abusive Driver fees

Bill patroned a bill as Senator that would enact retroactive driver fees to Virginians.

Constitutional Issues
Bill supported HB 3202 (regional transportation authorities), unelected people imposing taxes upon citizenry, which was deemed unconstitutional by Virginia Supreme Court in a 7-0 decision. Anybody remember the Boston Tea Party and the Taxation without Representation Bill?
He failed to uphold his constitutional oath with his support of this bill.

HPV Vaccine
Bill supported and even made as a part of his legislative agenda giving 12 year old girls a vaccination that some girls have died from taking. This was to be a mandatory vaccination for all public and private school girls. It was fought in the house and now is a opt-out. Even the opt-out is bad as parents don’t even have to sign their girls up for it, and the girls can thus not even show it to their parents and it becomes a peer pressure issue. Bolling receives contributions from the maker of Gardisil, the HPV vaccination, Merck Pharmaceuticals.
This is an infringement on parental rights and limited government.

Plan B- Morning-After Pill
Bill is a solicitor of
political contributions from Barr Labs, maker of the morning after pill . He is the second highest recipient of Barr Labs money, second only to Mark Warner. Every political or candidate committee of his receives money,including Building a Better Virginia PAC, Bolling Senate Campaign Committee, Bolling Inaugural Committee, Bolling for Lt. Governor Committee all received contributions totaling to over $38,000. Even after the 2008 convention where such a big deal was made over Barr Labs he still received money.

Medicaid/ Prolife
In 2005 Bill Bolling patroned a bill that dealt with Medicaid. The bill passed the Senate and went onto the House. While in the House, Bob Marshall attached an amendment onto the bill that would prohibit any Medicaid money from being used in an abortion. It passed the House and went back to the Senate. It was towards the end of session and Bolling allowed his bill to be passed over for the day for three consecutive days. The last day of session they sent the bill back to Ed. & Health so it was effectively killed as a bill. Why did Bolling do this with his own bill he fought to get through the Senate and through the House, but let it die once there was a pro-life amendment attached to it?

Russ Potts
Bolling, as Lt. Governor, broke the campaign promise he made while running for LG, to get rid of Russ Potts as Chair of the Ed. & Health committee where Potts kills all pro-life legislation. So for two years as LG he allowed very good pro-life legislation to be killed in Pott's Senate Committee after it successfully passed the House . All this was with a Republican majority in the Senate and House.
Don't tell me that with Republican majorities in both Houses that Bill could not have gotten this done if he had really wanted to.

Lack of Proactive Leadership
As LG, Bolling has not once used his leadership to advance any pro-life legislation other than the 20-20 tie in 2008 to defund planned parenthood. One could make the case that only a fool would not have done what he did given the circumstances, but what has he done on his own to advance pro-life legislation that he could have put as a part of his legislative agenda....NOTHING. Instead of using his leadership to advance the issues in the pro-life community he has campaigned around the state to promote 12 year old girls getting a dangerous vaccination for a sexually transmitted disease while studies show that it doesn’t even work effectively for that age group;
Add to that the fact he takes money from the maker of the drug company.

You do the political math


Anonymous said...

Sheesh! You bashed on Gilmore when it was convenient. You're now dumping on Bolling and won't just come out and say you support Muldoon.

Another thing that has irritated me is your “[stance] on the issues”. Issues themselves are difficult. I do or don’t support the second amendment. Does the second amendment allow me to own a rocket launcher? I can see this problem so I give you a pass on the actual issue stances like pro-life and taxes.

But where I pick my gripe is that half of these are not ISSUES. Instead they are philosophies of governance, and I might add broad and lacking.

Bloggers have a great forum for their views. Aggregators have made their rants more widely spread. But you have a responsibility to understand conservatism and not just leave it to a bunch of wedge issues and broadly stated non-issues. If you want to weigh into the Virginia centric political issues please get these issues cleaned up and do some more reading on what it means to be a conservative, not just act as a Republican who supports whatever the latest issue the folks in DC have drummed up media attention for.

tim boyer said...

Thank for your comment, but now you're dumping on me and hiding behind the title Anonymous!
I am impressed though,b that someone posting as" Anonymous" actually said something very articulate, thoughtful, and at least somewhat respectfully.
Thank you for that!

It still befuddles me how some of you still cannot get yourselves past thinking of conservatives as nothing more than Republican hacks.
You don't read my blog much if you think I am taking marching orders from DC!!

Ask Tucker Watkins; He "thinks" I singlehandedly destroyed all the Republican Units in the 5th district, and replaced the chairmen with preachers, and the unit committee members with abortion clinic bombers

I choose whom I am gong support based solely on one criteria;
How do their political beliefs fare taking the Constitution test...
One could properly define modern Reagan conservatism as this;
The proper stance on political issues as per the guidelines given in the Constitution.

I base my opinions for American politics based upon the stated opinion of those who created this wonderful nation and it's Supreme Law.

I "bash" Republican leaders, among many other types, who stray from their stated principles( as if they really believe them),and then try to ell me that I have to toe the party line, or somehow I am "helping" the Democrats.

The ones actually helping the Democrats are the ones like Gilmore and Bolling who are turning the Republican party into a top-down mushy apparatus designed to effectively do nothing more than to ensure a re-coronation(formerly know as re-nomination)for incumbent Republicans, and their anointed ones.

The fact that they are outspending and outsocialism-ing(to coin a phrase) the Democrats is supposed to go unnoticed by we the people as we follow like sheep to the slaughter, and I am though with all that crap.

Unprincipled, Socialist, self-protectionist Republicans have committed most of the destruction to the Constitution the last eight years or so, and it time to bring this party to a screeching halt and replace the leadership who use the terms 'Reagan', and 'Conservative' as nothing more than a slogan to be used to make us think that there is something about them that resembles Reagan other than their fraudulent and insulting rhetoric.

GMo said...

It seems like at this time of year, the lack of anything to talk about politically makes people go crazy. And by go crazy, I mean attack Bill Bolling, one of the best conservative leaders we've had in Virginia in a very long time.

Honestly take a step back and look at Bolling's record. Any conservative would be proud to have stood strong for conservative values as often as Bolling. Now look at the record of Muldoon, the alternative. Oh wait? What record? Where is the accomplishment? What has Muldoon EVER done to make Virginia more conservative? Nothing.

Lets be clear, Bolling has been out in front, acting in every capacity allowed by his office to advance conservative ideals. Defunding planned parenthood was a coup. He voted against Plan B being made available over the counter and being made available on college campuses.

And what about marriage? Marriage is the frontline of the culture war, and Bill Bolling was a leader in that fight. Victoria Cobb, the Executive Director of the Family Foundation of VA, told Bolling that "no elected official in Virginia did more to encourage the passage of the amendment than you."

I could go on and on, but honestly, what are you doing? Bolling is a great leader for Virginia, and a consistent strong conservative. Just becuase there's not a lot of political news doesn't mean open season on cherry picking and distorting Bolling's record.

And lets remember who the opposition is. Muldoon is a nobody that has never done one single thing to advance conservative values. If you're so concerned about Barr, Muldoon's firm REPRESENTS them. They also represent sleazy gambling interests. Supporting this guy would be electoral suicide.

Just reading this blog its obvious what is going on. You're some holier than thou conservative wannabe who sits behind your computer and attacks responsible respected conservative leaders by distorting their records for no other reason than to build yourself up.

Saying that Bill Bolling is moving to the left is like saying that Patrick Muldoon is a serious candidate. Both are ridiculous statements. Get a life.

Vamayhem said...


I guess Patrick Muldoon is a serious candidate since Bolling has publicly stated, most recently to people at The Family Foundation Lobby Day last week, that he needs to move to the center due to the trends of voters after the 2008 election. Swallow that one if you will.

Also while I am at it, please give me examples of Bolling's conservative principled leadership other than speaking for the marriage amendment to safe GOP meetings and making the tie-breaking vote last year in the defunding planned parenthood vote. Good of him to do both but is that all he can do to claim the conservative mantle? If that is the case that doesn't say much for the state of affairs for advancing the conservative cause.

My guess is that you're a flaming RINO who hates social conservatives and Bolling is just to the center enough for you to embrace him over a true conservative like Muldoon. With all the under the surface delegate gathering Muldoon has been doing, word is Bolling is in for a shocker in May. He is going to finish where Marshall left off and clean house on moderates claiming to be conservatives as Marshall did against Gilmore; 35% of the general election vote, give me a break! I'll bet you are going to try and tell me Gilmore is a conservative as well and he couldn't even capture 48% of the pro-life vote over Warner's 42%.

Keep throwing up the weak guys like McCain, Gilmore and Bolling and get used to being a loser and a minority party. Looks like the Ron Pauler's were right about the economy. I sure wish he would have been our nominee and maybe we would have at least had a shot against Obama just like Marshall would have done way better than Gilmore against Warner. Bob Marshall is the rising face of the conservative movement in Virginia and Patrick Muldoon at least recognizes this in his support for Marshall in 2008. I'll give Muldoon credit for at least being able to pick them better than bolling's pick of Gilmore. That's how much clout Bolling has in Virginia.

HPV and blood money from Barr Labs by the way, are not examples of conservative leadership in Virginia, my friend. Neither is HB3202 and abusive driver fees that he claims to have led the fight to repeal, which I might add, was after people were upset at him and others for supporting it in the first place. Bolling is a squish and has absolutely no back bone. If that is who you want to represent your conservative values go ahead and look for the voters to reject him if not in May, but November. I'm sorry GMo, I'm just ready to win on principle not win(or lose) for nothing.

Ashton Gilmore said...


Would you be willing to comment on Patrick Muldoon's lobbying for Barr Pharmaceuticals? All the while, the "principled" Bob Marshall is signing people up for him at the Convention?


Ashton Gilmore

"Government is not the solution to our problem.Government is the problem."
Ronald Reagan, first Inaugural Address, January 20, 1981