Friday, January 23, 2009

Speaker Bill Howell; Another Republican Sides with Government over Constitution

Here is another issue on which we need to move;
Most of your are familiar with RealID, a federal"mandate" that would effectively make your driver's license a national ID card.
Bob Marshall sponsored legislation to opt VA out of this unconstitutional and dangerous government takeover of our privacy.
Speaker Bill Howell, a RINO, has been using his position as Speaker of the VA House to stop it from getting to the floor for a vote.
This latest in a long line of Howell transgressions is enough to cast him aside as Speaker and replace him with someone who respects the Constitution.

Please contact him, and send this on to your email lists of concerned conservatives who can bring pressure to bear.
let's shut down his server until he does as we direct him as our employee!!
Tell him we will not allow him or anyone who votes for him as Speaker to go back into the House of Delegates until HB 1587 is passed signed into law over the governor's potential veto.

Here are more details of his most recent transgressions

In the 2008 session, we had some local activists in opposition to
Real ID give testimony to the Transportation Committee in support of
Del. Chris Peace's HJR42, memorializing Congress to repeal Real ID as
ten other states have already done. Speaker Howell refused to allow
the legislation to get to the floor for a vote.

In this 2009 session, he inappropriately assigned Del. Bob Marshall's
H.B.1587, a bill that will opt Virginia out of Real ID entirely, as
eleven other states have already done, to Militia, Police & Public Safety
Committee just to hold the bill up. He knew full well that this bill
would not be considered by the M,P & PS Committee but instead would be
referred to the Transportation Committee. It had not even gotten on
their agenda to be heard yet meaning it would be one of the last to be

No doubt, had we stood idly by, by the time they got around to considering
the bill and referring it to the appropriate committee, time would have run
out in this short 30 day session and, once again, anti-Real ID legislation
would die in committee.

Mike McHugh and I ( Donna Holt) sent out an email blast to 5,000 recipients, collectively,
and asked them to call Speaker Howell and tell him to stop playing games with
this legislation. He was slammed with so many phone calls, that he stopped
taking calls in the early afternoon. Speaker Howell immediately filed the
request to reassign the bill to the Transportation Committee where it will
now be considered. I have no doubt he has more tricks up his sleeves to stop
this bill from getting to the floor.

I happen to know that DHS has already put pressure on State Speakers, who have
all the control whether a bill makes it out of committee, to put a halt to any
anti-Real ID legislation. I have gotten this information directly from South
Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, Missouri Representative Jim Guest and Pennsylvania Representative Sam Rohrer on a weekly conference call hosted by Aaron Bolinger,
legislative Director for the National Veterans Committee on Constitutional Affairs
and Restore the Republic.

Speaker Howell will be our first major obstacle and Governor Kaine will be the
last. Kaine stated in a Town Hall meeting last summer that it is a federal
mandate so we MUST comply. He stopped taking questions from anyone on Real ID
at all subsequent Town Hall meetings.

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"Government is not the solution to our problem.Government is the problem."
Ronald Reagan, first Inaugural Address, January 20, 1981