Friday, July 11, 2008

VIrgil Tells the Truth About Islam

We all need to support our congressman publicly when he takes a principled and tough stand on issues that are controversial.
Let's not leave him alone on the island of I Agree, But Never Say so.

Islam is the one threat to freedom across this earth that seems to be protected by American politicians more than any other.
It is hard to understand why there is no vocal support of Virgil from his peers when he tells an obvious truth such as he does in this Washington Post story.

Islam is by far the most dangerous religion since communism, which is a religion by the way, and it seems to be even more hip these days to be Muslim than it was to be Communist in the Hollywood days of Ronald Reagan when he singlehandedly stopped the advance
of communism in Hollywood.
Why must we always be blind to the threats we face and leave it up to a select few to have the foresight to fix the problem before it overwhelms us?

We must stand up to this threat and tell the truth about it, even when people like Virgil's detractors sell their souls to purchase their next reelection.

The Koran orders the elimination of anyone who refuses to convert to Islam, referring to us as
" infidels", and it is obvious to the thinking mind that the U.S., and Israel are tops on their priority list for extermination.
I challenge you to find a reference to an act of terrorism in the last few years that was committed by a non-Muslim.

What is any different about today's Islam than yesterday's Nazi's?
One thing;
American politicians are covering for it.
Thank God for people like Virgil who tell the truth about about the world's most dangerous religion.
There are peaceful Muslims, but there is no peaceful Islam.
Simply read the Koran to verify that what I say is true.

I know this is an older article, but I thought the issue bears tackling.
Just click the title to read the story.



keatron said...

I don't know how much more ignorant this stance on islam could be. no one religion is right and it's no country, state, king or queens humane right to stop the practice of any 1 religion.
This islamo-fascist fear is just American propaganda like back when people were told to be afraid of the communists everywhere they turned. Quran interpretations that i have heard say that a muslim is told they can kill an infidel in a time of self defense or a situation that has stolen form the muslim. such as land seizure. otherwise i have heard its against islam belief to even hit a plant out of anger.
I dont know too much about the Quran just like i believe many english only speakers don't because let's face it translations can twist many things.
Anyway, I must remind you that on 9/11 there were three non-arabs arrested on the GW bridge entering NYC for having a bomb but that story was never heard of.
Also, the Quran has been around a LONG time so why wouldnt these "islam extremists" kill infidels for as long as the Quran has been around.
Al-qaeda was created with the help of the U.S.govt in the 70's to fight Russia. Kind of like America funded the Nazi's except without any good explanation i can think of and thats open knowledge.
basically i feel the Islam culture is no threat at all in fact we just make the population of islam extremists rise by invading their country trying to manipulate their ideas with ours AND by using force.
i prefer the old Republican idea of Non-interventionist. End the war now and the muslims will leave us alone. They dont hate freedom if they did...the Netherlands would be in shambles haha

tim boyer said...

Keaton is a good kid, and I know him, and think a lot of him and his mother, who has been a warrior for our cause.

But I have to say, since all the above was said on my blog, that think the last comment kind of says a lot more than the writer intended!

But, we all live and learn as we grow old enough to think like Americans, instead of the crap that gets inserted into our heads by public education, among other anti-American means.

"Government is not the solution to our problem.Government is the problem."
Ronald Reagan, first Inaugural Address, January 20, 1981