Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Muslim Obama Takes Illegal Muslim Donations??

Here is an indicting story of the man who proclaims himself to be "christian", whatever that may mean by his definition, taking illegal campaign contributions from Muslims all over the world..
Taking donations from Muslims is not a problem in and of itself;

However, illegal donations from a wide selection of Muslim lands abroad lend credence to the assertions of some, like myself, who believe that Barak Hussein Obama is indeed a Muslim, and when he makes a verbal slip referring to "........all 57 states.....", it is indicative of an upbringing in the Islamic culture and faith.
Oh, by the way, there are only 50 United States.
There are 57 Islamic states in the world.
".......I will be President of all 57 states........" ??

Is it any surprise, given his background in Islam, his slips of the tongue betraying his natural thought processes, his sitting under the teaching of an Anti-American radical for twenty years,
( Rev. God D--M America Wright), and his penchant for wining and dining murderous foreign dictators, that Muslims all over the world are cheering for him to win, and giving often illegal, under the radar contributions to his campaign?

Are you really comfortable with Quadaffi raising money for the man who could be inadequately attempting to fill Ronald Reagan's considerable shoes?
If you do not understand the reference to Reagan, do a little reading of the bombing of Quadaffi's HQ in the eighties.

This Newsmax story is an indictment of an Islamic Anti-American thug radical from the southside of Chicago, attempting to hoodwink the American people into allowing Islam, or at least someone very favorable toward it, into the White House just seven short years after 9-11.

We simply cannot afford to take that chance.
If you do not believe Islam is a real threat, I challenge you to read the Koran, and to find a potent terrorist regime or organization alive today that is not Muslim.

Not all Muslims are terrorists, by any stretch, but almost all terrorists are Muslim.
Prove me wrong!!

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Come2Islam said...

I truly do not think that Obama is a Muslim. I am a registered republican who votes 99% on the republican ticket but this time I am voting for Obama because I believe the republican party has lost it's value. Even if Obama was a Muslim which he states he's not, our constitution does not discriminate on religion or color, that's what makes this country so great. This is one of the reasons many people like myself are leaving the republican party, lets keep out constitution strong and not discriminate based on color or race.

"Government is not the solution to our problem.Government is the problem."
Ronald Reagan, first Inaugural Address, January 20, 1981