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Patrick Muldoon Calls Out Bill Bolling on Abortion Issue

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#21 I am the pro-Motherhood candidate.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms! We honor and cherish your love and selfless sacrifice. No matter what others may lay claim to, there is no question that Motherhood is the oldest AND greatest profession!

And in the interest of getting you all back to your Mother’s Day celebrations, I’ll go directly to the latest of my:


#30: I CAN WIN — both in Richmond and Statewide this Fall!
#29: I won’t run and hide from my support for Virginia Values on social issues.
#28: I will give you the choice to repeal the state income and corporate taxes.
#27: I will work to ROLL BACK spending and focus Virginia government on truly essential programs.
#26: I will put parents in charge of their children’s education by ensuring real parental choice.
#25: I will work to break the logjam on transportation by pushing for private-sector solutions.
#24: I will look out for Virginia jobs.
#23: Bill Bolling STILL hasn’t given the money back.
#22 I will stand uncompromisingly for Virginians’ rights.

#21 I am the pro-Motherhood candidate.

There can be no greater travesty than seeing a nation founded on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness spend taxpayer money to extinguish life in the womb. A wave of shock is pulsing across our nation that Medicaid funding for abortions is emerging as the policy of the Obama Administration. Yet all too few Republicans realize that Medicaid funding for abortions has already been a tragic reality in the Commonwealth where the timeless principles of our Unalienable Rights originated. And part of the reason is Bill Bolling.

While he was a State Senator, Bill Bolling sponsored a bill related to Medicaid, to which Delegate Bob Marshall attached an amendment barring Medicaid money for abortion. When it returned to the State Senate, my opponent allowed his own bill to go down without a fight and, contrary to senate rules, without a recorded vote. All Bolling had to do as the bill’s patron to force his colleagues to go on record was to invoke the Senate rules. My opponent’s role in waving through this travesty remains the most astounding, puzzling and disappointing example of the go-along-to-get-along attitude that has characterized his tenure in the Kaine/Bolling Administration.

Let me be unequivocal and clear: as Lieutenant Governor, I will fight to end the travesty of Medicaid funding for abortion. I will work to restrict it in every way possible and will work toward the day when Roe v. Wade and the “right” to abortion are consigned to the dustbin of history.

You know – and I know – that motherhood and the Unalienable Right to Life are too precious to compromise them in any way.

Again, I remain impressed by Muldoon's unapologetic stance on moral issues, and his lack of fear of putting them front and center.

I believe another reason to nominate him over Bolling is that Muldoon will obviously not allow the RNC to set Republican policy direction in Virginia, as Bolling and McDonnell already are.

I am delighted to hear Mr. Muldoon honoring mothers by honoring the life into which they brought every single one of us, not giving in to the blowing wind of the times, when they could have aborted us, and giving us all the same chance at life that Mr. Bolling's record makes painfully clear is little more than a political issue to him. (Medicaid, Barr Labs, the list goes on)

I am so weary of nuanced, unspecific go-along to get along republicans like Bolling, that I cannot stand to even hear them speak anymore.

When they do, you can hear the pre-packaged marketing ploys in their speeches, designed to make us associate them with conservatism without ever giving any specifics as to how they have behaved as such, or how they plan to empower us to regain our lost freedom.

Muldoon is a refreshing breath of freedom-loving air in the stale cesspool of the Virginia political winds.

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