Monday, May 11, 2009

Bill Bolling Still Refuses to Return Money From Sale of Abortion Pill, "Plan B"

Bolling still, under mounting pressure, refuses to return $38,000 in campaign cash from Barr Laboratories, the maker of the Morning After Pill.

Patrick Muldoon challenged him to do so, as have many of us who are rightly concerned by this association with the abortion industry, and the best Bolling can do is send out a surrogate ( Mark Obenshain), to justify being on the wrong side of the life issue in this case.

Bolling was unable to anwer honestly the challenge from Muldoon, and chose rather to launch misleading accusations of his own to deflect from the conservative message of Muldoon, and the questions swirling around Bolling's association with the abortion industry through Barr laboratories.

Bolling is second only to Mark Warner in receipts of Barr money, and I cannot believe he will not return the money, if it would give him more bargaining power on this make or break issue!

$38,000 is a drop in the bucket to Bolling's war chest, and yet he clings tightly to the blood money.
Considering our mothers all gave us the chance at life, is it really worth the price of the potter's field to snuggle up to Barr Labs?
Even Judas returned the thirty pieces of silver after realizing what it really was!

Is pride so important as to participate in the industry responsible for killing millions of innocent lives, simply to avoid having to admit one is wrong?


James Atticus Bowden said...

You have a pic of Reagan on your site. He made a wry joke out of taking money from anyone who would help him.

Was Reagan a judas?

I'm pro-life and I trust Bill Bolling on this and every other social conservative issue.

tim boyer said...

Reagan joked, and never sold out his principles.
I choose to put Reagan's example above his humor, and that does not lie.
I am glad you are comfortable trusting Bolling after the abusive driver fees, and HPV, and Barr labs, and the guidebooks, and the green jobs and HB 3202.
That makes it much easier for you to enjoy the status quo, as the party continues lurching leftward.

I know for a fact you are a good conservative, and I do not question you in that at all, but you and I certainly have a major difference in our willingness to trust a politician's rhetoric rather than his record.

Anonymous said...


Mudoon has taken $10,000 in this election from the lobbying side of his law firm. That is by far, the biggest donation he has other than himself. You used to tell us that Muldoon had no connection with the lobby side that did work for Barr. Were you lying to us or was He lying to you and how do you spin this now to excuse him ?

tim boyer said...

Use your name, next time, Anonymous, if you want me to post your junk.

There is no lobbying arm of the law firm, to correct the record.
The law firm and Lobbying firm are two completely separate legal entities.
The donation came from the law firm, not the lobbying firm, and the law firm does not and has not represented Barr or received money from Barr, and neither has Patrick.

Get your facts straight next time.
You are the one spinning(lying), not I.

"Government is not the solution to our problem.Government is the problem."
Ronald Reagan, first Inaugural Address, January 20, 1981